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Small Conventional Bands

Small Bands Finalist Audio

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1. Arima Golden Symphony “D Greatest Invention” SEMI FINAL

2. Laventille Serenaders “Pan Jumbie” SEMI FINAL

3. Fasinators Pan Symphony “Like Ah Boss” SEMI FINAL

3. Five Rivers Modern Symphony “Pan In Danger” SEMI FINAL

5. Pandemodium “My House” SEMI FINAL

6. Our Boys “Gimme More” SEMI FINAL

6. Tornadoes“Mash It Up”SEMI FINAL

8. La Horquetta Pan Groove “Raising Dust” SEMI FINAL

8. Tamana Pioneers “Mystery Band” SEMI FINAL

10. T&TEC New Eastside Dimension “Both Ah Dem” SEMI FINAL

View all your favourite steel bands. See positions, points, songs played and who took the crown over the past years.

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