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Event date: 2/12/2017 9:00 AM - 11:30 PM Export event

National Panorama Semi-Finals 2017 (Small, Medium & Large Bands)

National Panorama 2017 Semi-Finals

9 a.m., Sunday 12th February, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain


Position Band Selection Arranger Semis Points
1 Fascinators Pan Symphony Unforgettable Yohan Popwell 266.5
2 Tornadoes Spankin Shervon “Shev” Edwards 261.5
3 Steel Sensations Vibes Rawle Titus/Joshua Henry 249.5
4 Arima Golden Symphony Champions Terrence “BJ” Marcelle 254
5 Pleasantville Kalomo Kings Peter Pan Jason Farrell 253
6 Tobago Pan-Thers Cheers To Life Kenneth “Panaam” Clarke 261.3
7 C&B Crown Cordaans Flag Party Khari Codrington 255.2
8 Petrotrin Siparia Deltones Burn Dem Carlton” Zanda” Alexander 264
9 T&TEC New East Side Dimension Wine on Something Ken “Professor” Philmore 259
10 Merrytones Full Extreme Anthony Eric McAllister 254
11 Moods People Adrian Jackman 251
12 Highlanders Single Kareem Brown 254.5
13 Longdenville Claytones Soca Baptist Steve Salcedo 264.5
14 Alpha Pan Pioneers Magic Drum Marina Marfan 253
15 Golden Hands Push Vanessa A. Headley 260.5
16 Road Block Stranger Lindon “Pappy Sho” Spencer 258
17 Tunapuna Tipica Pan Magic Harold/Denzel Headley 247.5
18 Old Tech Ooh La La Sean Ramsey 254.5
19 Simple Song In De Minor Kendal Bowen 254
20 Our Boys Good Morning Anslem Campbell 266.5
21 Uptown Fascinators Good Morning Ojay Richards 255.5
22 LH Pan Groove In De Minor Kion Robinson 261.5
23 Philadelphia Funk-a-Delic Bum Bum Marlon Charles 248
24 Tamana Pioneers Dollar Wine Richard Gittens 254.5
25 Revelation Institute of Performing Education Say Say Dante Peters 252
26 Blue Diamonds Miss Tourist Steve Jemmot 252.5
27 Fusion Steel Magic Drum Dike Samai 259
28 Laventille Serenaders First Place Arddin Herbert 262.8
29 Harvard Harps Gee Gee Ree Douglas “Dougie” Redon 253
30 Crescendoes Musical Abundance Curtis Edwards 260.3


Position Band Selection Performer Arranger Semis Points
1 Sforzata Ducking Fadda Fox Jeannine Remy 247
2 NGC Couva Joylanders Band Of The Year P.Roberts & M.Montano Kareem Brown 247
3 NGC Steel Xplosion Wet Me Down Johnny King Arddin Herbert 248
4 Arima Angel Harps Far From Finished Voice Aviel Scanterbury 249
5 Pan-Demonium Cheers To Life Voice Akua Leith 259
6 Curepe Scherzando Stranger Shadow Yohan Popwell 255
7 Petrotrin Katzenjammers Good Morning Peter Ram Terrence 'BJ' Marcelle 252
8 Courts Sound Specialists Of Laventille Dangerous Anslem Douglas & Colin Lucas Rudy Forteau 252
9 NLCB Valley Harps Total Disorder Duke Michelle Huggins-Watts 255
10 Western Stars Philharmonics Stranger Shadow Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe 250
11 NLCB Buccooneers Rhythm Run Tings Kernal Roberts Seion Gomez 253
12 Pamberi Gee Gee Ree Crazy Brian Villafana & Cheo Cato 244
13 Pan Elders Roti & Talkarie Sugar Aloes Duvone Stewart 263
14 Melodians Umbaya Merchant Amrit Samaroo 253


Position Band Selection Performer Arranger Semis points
1 Republic Bank Exodus Good Morning Peter Ram Pelham Goddard & Terrance Marcelle 274
2 Caribbean Airlines Invaders Full Extreme MxPrime ft. Ultimate Rejects Arddin Herbert 268
3 BpTT Renegades Good Morning Peter Ram Duvone Stewart 271
4 Skiffle Good Morning Peter Ram K.Williams/O.Gonzales/M.Brooks 259
5 Phase 11 Pan Groove (In Partnership With HADCO) Red, White & Black Damien Alexander Len "Boogsie" Sharpe 273
6 NGC La Brea Nightingales We Are Conquerors Anslem Douglas Tyrell Marcelle 239
7 Birdsong Pan Kingdom Anslem Douglas Mia Gormady 262
8 Desperadoes Good Morning Peter Ram Carton 'Zanda' Alexander 277
9 PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars We Are Conquerors Anslem Douglas Liam Teague 265
10 FCB Supernovas Rumble In The Jungle Chuck Gordon Amrit Samaroo 269
11 MHTL Starlift Good Morning Peter Ram Robert Greenidge 264
12 NLCB Fonclaire Panorama Soldiers Designer Ken "Professor" Philmore 261
13 T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Single Orlando Octave Clarence Morris 263
14 Massy Trinidad All Stars Full Extreme MxPrime ft. Ultimate Rejects Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 275


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Get ready for the biggest carnival event of 2k18. Prepare yourself for the grand show of sweet pan music!

Get ready for the biggest carnival event of 2k18. Prepare yourself for the grand show of sweet pan music!

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