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UWI doctorate for pan pioneer Read more

UWI doctorate for pan pioneer

Renowned pan pioneer Anthony Williams was on Saturday presented with an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters by the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine during the morning graduation ceremony.
Pan In De Rosa Read more

Pan In De Rosa

11/26/2016 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

The Pan In De Rosa Management Committee in collaboration with The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and The Arts and the Eastern Region of Pan Trinbago presents Pan In De Rosa Again!



There is a popular belief that a certain sector of this society brings nothing to the table and is comfortable; depending on governmental handouts for their very survival. This has been said over and over for such a long period of time that people, in and out of that grouping, believe it to be true. 

The people who have built this country from the ground to the towers are the ones being accused of liking too much hand outs and freeness, and are always gimme gimme. That may sound good and justifying to those ignorant of our historical development and those enjoying mischief. The people referred to did not invent the “dependency syndrome”system, they inherited it. Although they have not been able to benefit in any positive way, they are always made to appear as if they lack ambition, are lazy, uncreative and unproductive and are the ones who look to the government for everything. What utter rubbish! 


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Get ready for the biggest carnival event of 2k16. Prepare yourself for the grand show of sweet pan music!