Tobago Region Prelims Judging Schedule - Panorama 2019 - Pantrinbago

Prelims Judging Schedule 2019 - Regions

Tobago Region Prelims Judging Schedule - Panorama 2019

Tobago Region Prelims Judging Schedule - Panorama 2019

Thursday 24th January 2019 @ 7:00pm
Nos. Steelbands - Name Address Leaders Tuners Tunes of Choice/Year Composers Sung by Arrangers
1 Metro Stars Pembroke Community Centre Grounds, Pembroke, Tobago Steve Jack Mario Joseph Pan By Storm 1990 Ken "Professor" Philmore Keith Prescott "Designer" Cary Codrington
2 Hope Pan Groovers Hope Farm Road, Hope , Tobago Omaro Douglas Fabian Pamphille, Juma JacKman Rag Storm 2019 Austin Lyons Austin Lyons "Super Blue" Feat. 3 Canal Ojay Richards
3 Pan Fanatics Punch Bowl, Mason Hall, Tobago Anthea Balfour Terrence Sheppard Hookin Meh 2019 Nadia Batson, E George, S Galt Daryl Henry "Farmer Nappy" Lindon Rowley
4 Natural Mystic Patience Hill, Gov't Primary School, Tobago Richie Williams Felix Clarke Hold Yuh Bam Bam 1991 "Speedy" Richie Williams
5 Royal Pan Illusion New Edition Bar, Buccoo, Tobago Tony Williams Iran Anthony Pan By Storm 1990 Ken "Professor" Philmore Keith Prescott " Designer" Tony Williams
Tuesday 12th February 2019 @ 6:00pm
1 Steel Sensations Lucy Vale, Speyside. Tobago Savion Murray Rodney Stowe Gie Dem Tempo 2012 Alvin Daniel, Edwin Pouchet Denyse Plummer Joshua Jerry
2 T&TEC New East Side Dimension Pan Theatre, Belle Garden Main Rd, Tobago Holford Richards Hello 2018 Kees Dieffenthaller Kees Dieffenthaller "Kes" Kersah Ramsey
3 Tobago Pan - Thers Golden Lane Gov't School, Golden Road, Tobago Brian Thomas Sherwin Pierre Sweet Fuh Days 2018 Jovan James Patrice Roberts Kenneth Clarke
4 Uptown Fascinators Corner Idle Wild & Plymouth Rds, Tobago Salisha James Augustus Peters Hulk 2018 Dexter Stewart Dexter Stewart "Blaxx" Ojay Richards
5 Our Boys Kirk and Fort Street, Scarborough, Tobago Anton Jack Fabian Pamphille Hulk 2018 Dexter Stewart Dexter Stewart "Blaxx" Anslem Campbell
6 Alpha Pan Pioneers Corner Hay & Bacolet Streets, Scarborough, Tobago Mathias Marfan Lenard "Lenny" Lera Calling Meh 2011 Mark Loquan, Ken "Professor" Philmore Destra Garcia Marina Marfan
7 West Side Symphony Pan Theatre, Patience Hill, Tobago Jewel Anderson Gabriel "Doyle" Gabriel Bacchanal 2009 Destra Garcia Mickiel Gabriel
8 C&B Crown Cordaans Milford Road, Canaan, Tobago Aaron Trim Lenard "Lenny" Lera Sweet Fuh Days 2018 Jovan James Patrice Roberts Koreece Graham
Friday 8th February 2019 @ 7:00pm
1 Petrotrin Katzenjammers Courland Estate, Black Rock, Tobago Beverley Ramsey-Moore Roland Harrigan Stranger 2001 Winston Bailey Winston Bailey "Shadow" Terrence "BJ" Marcelle
2 Carib Dixieland Bucco Road, Mt. Pleasant, Tobago Don Soverall Sherwin Pierre Pan On Fire 2010 Winston Scarborough Winston Scarborough "De Fosto" Kenneth "Panam" Clarke
3 NGC Steel Xplosion Bower Road, Carnbee, Tobago Gaston Grant Iran Anthony Sing In The Party 1987 Irwin Reyes Johnson Irwin Reyes Johnson "Scrunter" Akiba Joseph
Saturday 9th February 2019 @ 7:00pm
1 NLCB Buccooneers Chance Street, Buccoo, Tobago Anthony Hopkins Sherwin Pierre Madness 2019 Aaron t Louis Aaron t Louis " Voice" David Rudder Seion Gomez
2 RBC Redemption Sound Setters Montgomery Rd., Bethel, Tobago Marie Toby Bertrand"Birch" Kellman Iron Love 2019 Mical Teja, Anson Soverall Nailah Blackman Michael Toby

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