Trinidad and Tobago, the Mecca of Steelpan and Steelband, is proud to offer an array of services through Pan Trinbago to support this vibrant community. Empowered by our incorporation through Act No. 5 of 1986, Pan Trinbago is dedicated to advancing the Steelband movement through strategic initiatives and comprehensive support. Our services include acquiring land, constructing headquarters, investing in funds, and securing intellectual properties to promote and preserve the rich culture of Steelpan both locally and globally. Explore our services and discover how we continue to be a cornerstone in the Steelband community.

1. Coordination and Oversight of Local Steelpan Events

Pan Trinbago, under the leadership of its President, plays a crucial role in coordinating and overseeing all local Steelpan events and activities. This includes ensuring that the organization is actively invited to and included in planning and execution phases of these events.

Key Responsibilities:

Central Coordination: Pan Trinbago, guided by its President, centrally coordinates all Steelpan-related events across Trinidad and Tobago. This ensures uniformity, high standards, and the effective promotion of Steelpan culture.

Event Oversight: The President of Pan Trinbago oversees the planning and execution of all local Steelpan events, ensuring they align with the organization's objectives and standards.

Mandatory Inclusion: Pan Trinbago is to be invited and included in all significant discussions and decisions related to local Steelpan events, ensuring their expert input and resources are utilized effectively.

Quality Assurance: By overseeing these events, Pan Trinbago maintains the quality and cultural integrity of Steelpan performances and related activities.

Through this service, Pan Trinbago, led by its President, ensures a cohesive and high-quality approach to all local Steelpan events, fostering a thriving Steelpan culture within the nation.

2. Advocacy for the Welfare of Steelbands

  • Holistic advocacy for the welfare and development of steelbands.
  • Regular consultations with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and The Arts to address issues like security of Panyard tenure and assistance to unsponsored bands/ Steelpan Players’ Remittance Cheques

3. Showcasing Steelpan Talent on Local and Global Stages

  • Promotion and support for Steelbands to perform both locally and internationally.
  • Collaboration with the National Carnival Commission and other bodies to ensure widespread exposure.

4. Organizing Festivals and Steelband Events

  • Hosting the National Steelband Music Festival, alternating annually between school bands and senior bands.
  • Organizing World Steelpan Month and World Steelpan Day on August 11th activities to commemorate the declaration of the Steelpan as the national musical instrument.

5. Security of Panyard Tenure

  • Ensuring that Steelbands have secure and sustainable locations to practice and operate.

6. Support for Unsponsored Bands

  • Providing financial and logistical support to bands without sponsors, enabling them to participate in national and international events.

7. Assistance for National Festivals and Shows

  • Organizing and supporting various national Steelband festivals and events.
  • Coordinating with other cultural organizations to enhance the visibility and quality of these events.

8. Foreign Tours and International Exposure

  • Facilitating and organizing foreign tours for steelbands to promote Trinidad and Tobago's cultural heritage globally.

9. Local Regional Steelband Jamborees and Activities

  • Regional divisions hold local events and address issues that do not require intervention at the national level. In this regard, Pan Trinbago has four operational Regions: Tobago, South/ Central, Northern and Eastern Regions to facilitate the above-mentioned.

10. Media and Tourism Collaboration

  • Working with print and electronic media, the Tourist Board, and the national airline to promote the Steelband movement.

11. Steelpan Research and Development

  • Encouraging and conducting research on Steelpan music and technology.
  • Investing in the production and innovation of Steelpan instruments.

12. Support for Prizes and Awards

  • Managing and organizing concerts, competitions, and music festivals.
  • Providing performance fees, steelband assistance/grants and contributing to prizes and awards for outstanding performances.

13. Acquisition and Management of Resources

  • Acquiring lands, buildings, and other properties to support Steelband activities.
  • Managing investments and donations to further the organization’s objectives.

14. Affiliations with Similar Organizations

  • Establishing connections and affiliations with other organizations that share similar goals.

15. Promotion of Steelband Culture and Heritage

  • Celebrating and promoting the cultural heritage of Steelpan music through various initiatives and programmes.