Single Pan

Pos BandName Selection
1 San Juan East Side Symphony Fantastic Friday
1 Pam Jammers This Melody Sweet
3 T & T Fire Service Rainorama
4 Trinidad Nostalgic Jerico
5 Uni Stars Woman Is Boss
5 Hope Pan Groovers Both Ah Dem
7 Pan Elites Spankin
8 Scrunters Pan Groove Breakaway
9 Scorpion Pan Reflections Fire Coming Down
9 La Creole Pan Groove Carnival Tabanca
11 D' Original Woodbrook Modernaires Sing In She Party
12 Trinidad East Side Symphony Poom Poom
13 Carib Woodbrook Playboyz Spankin
14 Curepe Polyphonics Bacchanal Time
15 Brimblers Ah Want It
16 Shades In Steel Ah Going And Party Tonight


Pos BandName Selection
1 Super Novas In De Minor
2 Petrotrin Siparia Deltones Play More Local
3 Crescendoes Musical Spankin
4 Arima Golden Symphony In De Minor
5 Laventille Serenaders Pan Scandal
6 Pandemonium Pan In Yuh Pwefem
7 Moods Shakin It
7 Codrington Pan Family EPIC
9 Fascinators Pan Symphony Big In The Dance
10 LH Pan Groove This Melody Sweet