Trinidad and Tobago, renowned as the birthplace of the Steelpan and Steelband, proudly extends a variety of services through Pan Trinbago to support this dynamic cultural community. Pan Trinbago is committed to promoting the Steelband movement with strategic initiatives and extensive support.

1. Advice and Consultancy on the Development of Steelbands and Steelband Associations:

Pan Trinbago offers expert advice and consultancy services for the formation and growth of Steelbands and Steelband associations both regionally and internationally. Our team of experienced professionals provides tailored guidance on organizational structure, management strategies, and community engagement to ensure sustainable development and cultural enrichment.

2. Expertise on Arrangers, Tuners and more:

Understanding the critical role of arrangers and tuners in the Steelband ecosystem, Pan Trinbago provides specialized consultancy services to help bands find and develop top-tier talent. We offer advice on training programmes, workshops, and best practices for nurturing the artistic and technical skills required to excel in arranging and tuning.

3. Adjudicators for Regional and International Events:

Pan Trinbago provides comprehensive advice, consultancy, and representation of adjudicators from Trinidad and Tobago participating in Steelband competitions and events worldwide. Our services ensure that adjudicators are well-prepared, fair, and knowledgeable, upholding the highest standards of evaluation and contributing to the integrity and prestige of Steelband competitions.

4. Consultancy on the Manufacturing of Steelpan/Steelband Instruments:

Leveraging our extensive experience in the Steelband industry, Pan Trinbago offers expert consultancy on the manufacturing process of Steelband instruments. From selecting quality materials to implementing advanced tuning techniques, our services cover every aspect of production to ensure the creation of superior Steelband instruments that meet international standards.

For more information or to engage our international services, please contact us via email: please email or  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in advancing the global Steelband movement.