Welcome! Here is where you can contribute to Pan Trinbago, thereby sustaining the vibrant world of steelpan music. As the global governing body for Steelpan, Pan Trinbago plays a pivotal role in promoting, preserving, and advancing this cherished cultural tradition. 

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago allocates one-time funding for Carnival festivities. Pan Trinbago, without receiving a direct subvention from the government, relies on retaining gate receipts from Carnival events to sustain its internal operations year-round. To ensure the seamless execution of events, Pan Trinbago seeks financial backing and sponsorship from both government ministries and corporate partners, maintaining its commitment to fostering vibrant cultural celebrations.

To ensure the continued success of our initiatives, events, and educational programmes, we rely on the generous support of individuals and organizations like you. Your donation will directly impact our ability to nurture talent, foster community engagement, and uphold the legacy of Steelpan for generations to come. Join us in championing this extraordinary art form by making a contribution today. Thank you for your commitment to Pan Trinbago and the enduring spirit of Steelpan. To donate, click this link: